Of Predators And Men.

This weeks main thing is The Predator.   It was not the greatest movie ever, and the larger problem at play here is the problem of world building, which includes the general, ever present problem of building an idea that moves in a dramatic space coherently while generating maximal interestedness in the viewer. Allow me […]

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Stan Lee.

First off, rest in peace mr. Lee. When someone dies, the general idea is to remember what their life was, the meaning of that life to the rest of us, and their life’s work, in this case the work of an artist. But saying that Stan Lee was just an artist is selling it a […]

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The Search For The Last Goose.

When Top Gun came out, I was 8 years old. It was a great year for movies. Ferris Buellers Day Off. The Fly. Platoon. Highlander. The Labyrinth. !Three Amigos! Big Trouble In Little China. I don’t recall exactly when I first saw Top Gun, or if at the time it had the extraordinary magical qualities […]

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