The Novelty Factor, Or How To Re-Invent Story Lines.

This time we checked out the new Hellboy trailer.

We found it a bit problematic.

When dealing with what is essentially a reboot – and in this case a reboot of a pretty good duology – the burden of proof that the new version actually improves on the previous one(s) lies heavily on the head of the new iteration.

Take pizza as an example.

It’s always the same old thing really, but because it’s an awesome idea – something akin to a food version of this – it works repeatedly across time and form.

But one still compares the current pizza to all the other pizzas in the past, trying endlessly to find the pizza that is closest to the aspatial & and atemporal non-physical essence of Pizza.

And because Hellboy is a movie based on a beloved comic book, the element of rebootedness becomes even more complicated. The new movie has to have enough new elements to keep it fresh and interesting, whilst keeping enough of the elements that made the previous takes on the subject rather beloved.

No easy feat.

Whereas a mostly new thing is something entirely different.

I don’t know what percentage of Us is the re-use of themes from past movies and other forms of art & story telling, but judging by the trailer I would say that we are dealing with an at least somewhat new cinematic constellation.

Unlike here.


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