Fans: The Curious Case Of Finding An Identity Through Movies.

This week we talk about the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

As I looked into my zombiesque (zom-bisque anyone?) eyes while I talk about the movie, like a man who’s middle-name is Ambien, it struck me: I am old.

As a general rule, when I was younger, I liked movies a lot more than I do now, meaning I was more emotionally invested in them.

For instance I remember watching this trailer countless times and being absolutely mesmerized.

I rarely, almost never feel that way about a movie these days. Sure, my taste and understanding of movies might have gotten more complex, but the unadulterated feeling that I get from movies is not as intense.

Insert a 

joke here.

The thing that has fascinated me for quite some time now is the tendency of young people to find and define their identity through pop culture. The main reason why it fascinates me is that I no longer do that. And to be honest, not doing that does somewhat suck.

But I think a larger disconnect with the surrounding culture is truly to blame. People have & still can find their identity through various un-pop cultural means.


And that is exactly what I am off to do… wait, OMFG, is that Pikachu, like a real live CGI Pikachu!?



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