How Dare You? AKA Villains & Where To Find Them?

First off, a potentially cool movie just arrived on Netflix:

And may it be cool, as the elders used to say when a child was born.

But todays main topic is that dastardly villainy!

Sometime ago we were again joined by The President of the Imperial Galactic Government & all around cool dude Indy Neidell to talk about our favorite villains, and what is the reason that makes them so compelling to us.







And to finish this edition of fluffyspringlenonsense: Alita is coming out this week.

The reviews do not look awesome, all hope for a great manga live-action movie might be lost, but I’ll still buy the ticket and take the ride. Cameron, do not fail me do you hear!?

Or do, but make those Avatars really awesome.


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